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Products Traded

KSFIC purchases seasoned logs from timber depots of Karnataka Forest Department and also from the well-known timber depots of Forest Departments and Forest Corporations of other states. They are generally cut to sizes and utilized internally or sold to customers. Logs are also sold directly.

KSFIC also procures round logs from farmers and tree growers and offers them remunerative prices in order to encourage them to grow more trees.

Standard cut sizes of popular timber like teak, mathi, nandi, Acacia etc., used in construction work or furniture making are sold in selected depots of KSFIC at reasonable prices. Customers are always assured of the quality and species of timber which they are seeking.

KSFIC procures about 50,000 metric tons of pulpwood from the plantations of Karnataka Forest Department that are being harvested and sells them to industries through annual tenders.

KSFIC has set up its own retail sale outlets of firewood wherever there is steady demand. Franchisees of KSFIC sell firewood supplied to them at pre-fixed rates in some places. KSFIC also manages about 30 retail firewood sale outlets in Uttara Kannada District on behalf of the Karnataka Forest Department to meet the commitments made under Canara privileges. In all KSFIC sells firewood procured from the logging coupes and sells about one lakh tons of firewood to public annually.

KSFIC has its own wood working factory at Wood Yard Layout in Bengaluru. It is reputed for manufacture of construction wood articles like door frames, panel or flush doors, window frames, windows, office and domestic furniture.

In addition, KSFIC has empanelled reputed furniture makers in different parts of the state to meet the surge in demand for furniture. High quality furniture of rosewood, teak and other popular timber is manufactured as per the specifications of the customers and supplied on order.

Govt of Karnataka has granted exemption to KSFIC for supply of furniture up to Rs. 1 (one) crore. A lot of government institutions like schools, colleges, hospitals, guest houses, offices etc., procure their construction wood items and furniture from KSFIC. interior design and on site works are also taken up by KSFIC.

KSFIC has a panel of skilled wood carvers. These are traditional professionals with extraordinary skills. KSFIC takes up customised carving works on demand.

All our products are made from highly durable and seasoned wood. Quality of work is always assured. Our wood works and furniture items have a warranty of 5 years.

Very soon KSFIC will be launching bamboo composite wood products suitable for beams, trusses, standard cut sizes for replacing traditional timber, bamboo composite wood, bamboo panels, flooring tiles etc. We will also be launching branded honey and bulk sale of selected Ayurvedic medicinal plant products and other minor forest products.